Top Places to Visit in Lisbon

Top Places to Visit in Lisbon

So you have your Lisbon vacation booked.

But... you are unsure where to go, and what to do?

We got you covered.
Here's our Top 5 must visit spots in Lisbon.

1 - Visit Jerónimos Monastery

A UNESCO World Heritage this landmark is an icon of the Manueline style, the Portuguese gothic, that shows the greatness of Portugal in the discoveries time!

Jerónimos Monastery

2 - Go eat a Belém Custard Tart

Located in Belém next to our number 1 on this list, there are two iconic places to try the famous Portuguese Custard Tarts (Pastéis de Nata).
Check out our instagram reel where we try both

Be prepared for a long line of people!

3 - Walk along 'Padrão dos Descobrimentos'

This monument is a tribute to the King's Son D. Henriques, an important figure in pushing forward the naval discoveries of the 1400s.
Look down and see a beautiful wind rose on the pavement.


4 - View the Sunset at Belém Tower

The postcard image of Lisbon, once a defensive tower now it's a great place to walk around the river Tejo and take in the natural beauty of the surrounding area. 

Be sure to check out the terrace for an amazing view to the river.

Belém Tower

5 - Sightsee Chiado & Terreiro do Paço Plaza

Let’s start in Chiado, an area famous for renaissance style buildings and shopping. This has always been a commercial place full of stores with a unique identity. Go drink an expresso at "A Brasileira" coffee shop, follow through the Garret street to "Armazéns do Chiado". 

Then head to the Terreiro do Paço, an huge plaze rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755, once the starting point of many Discovery era sea expeditions, is now a place to enjoy the sea, have a drink and bask in the imponent arch marking it’s entrance.

Terreiro do Paço

Best Month to Visit

The weather in Lisbon is usually not very cold, even in the winter there are a lot of sunny days, so every season has it's own appeal, with that said, to us in order to have the best experience possible come in the spring ( especially May/June).

June is also a great time to visit (around the middle of the month) since it’s “Santos” season, a festivity celebrating Santo António.

All the neighbourhoods of Lisbon are decorated and there is a party happening pretty much every day!  But be prepared for crowds... lots of crowds.

We wish we had more top places to award because there are a lot of other locations that we consider a must visit, for the full detailed guide click the image below! 

Lisbon Travel Guide Promo

Thank you!

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