Top Places to Visit in Porto

Top Places to Visit in Porto

Porto is synonym with exquisite wine, the gorgeous Douro river and a romantic blend of old world meets modern times.

Here's our Top 5 must visit spots in Porto.

1 - Cross D. Luís Bridge

This is definitely one of the icons of Porto that you cannot miss.

This bridge is located in the old part of the city and connects Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia (where the wine cellars are located). 

You have two options to cross the bridge, either cross it by using the upper tray or using the lower tray.

No matter your choice don't miss Serra do Pilar viewpoint and Morro Garden (at the upper side), from both this places you’ll have a breathtaking view to the Douro river and Porto city. 

Enjoy a walk through Gaia riverside, see Rabelo boats (used in the old days to transport Porto wine), admire the colourful traditional houses and if you are wine lover, you can't miss a visit to a Porto Wine Cellar!

D. Luis Bridge

2 - Take the Six Bridges River Cruise

You can’t really come to Porto and not go for a little cruise in the Douro.

This 6 bridges cruise is a 50 minutes boat trip that goes through the Porto’s iconic six bridges (including D.Luís Bridge mentioned in number 1) and delivers a unique perspective to both sides of the river.

It is a one of a kind experience where you can feel the magic of Porto's city.

It has a cost of 15€ per person and we took this tour for our blog review with “Manos do Douro” company and we recommend  them.

You can buy the tickets in their store on the riverside. 

Douro River

3 - Visit Cais da Ribeira

Cais da Ribeira is the name of the place located at riverside on the Porto side ( the river splits two cities Porto and Gaia).

If you are on the Gaia side you can cross (once again) D.Luís bridge using the under tray.

This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the city and an UNESCO World Heritage.

A  unique place to truly feel the Porto's soul and enjoy a glass of wine at sunset time.

This area is super busy and full with people and restaurants, we would advise you to not have lunch or dinner here since it will be overpriced and in our opinion there are better options elsewhere. 

Cais da Ribeira Porto

4 - Climb Clérigos Tower

This 75 meter tall stone tower is one of the Porto’s symbols.

It was built between 1754 and 1763 and has 6 floors. You can climb it to experience the panoramic view to the city.

To avoid lines (usually all the time) we suggest buying the tickets online with a cost of 8€.

Clerigos Tower

5 - Visit Palácio do Cristal Gardens

A premium location for an evening walk and once again enjoy the view to the river. It also has multiple exotic birds that make the ambience extra special.

You can even take the opportunity to have a little picnic in the gardens.

Our top tip is to search out the "secret" mini-castle tower with the most gorgeous view and a prime instagram picture spot.

Palacio do Cristal Gardens

Best Month to Visit

Since this region is located on the northern part of Portugal, in the winter it can get quite cold.

We would say anytime from spring until autumn (April-October) is the optimal time to visit.

Remember that although winters are usually cold, during midsummer it can get very warm (even though this is not usually as hot as the south of Portugal).

We wish we had more top places to award because there are a lot of other locations that we consider a must visit, for the full detailed guide click the image below! 

Travel Guide Porto and Douro

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